4438_1156588348113_1029860296_497286_7215949_nGoddess Gumbo is the brainchild of writer, photographer and branding specialist Timothi Jane Graham. It was born of her desire to create an online community of fierce and fabulous women of all ages.  A place for the modern, earth conscious, independent and creative woman to keep her finger on the pulse.  A place to get the low down  on super cool events, travel, classes, health, beauty, fitness, books, sensuality, music,  movies and iconic women of all ages..in a word, anything deliciously female. A place to support each other on our journeys to becoming the most juicy and awe inspiring we can be.

Goddess Gumbo is not just a blog.. it’s a revolution.. a place where women can go for the good stuff.. get gorgeous,  stay centered, explore ourselves and our planet.. expand our minds and our hearts.. manifest our visions and dreams.. be the Goddess you were meant to be.. strong, compassionate, uncompromising and able to stop traffic on a dime.

Goddess Gumbo

always spicy..

always fresh..

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