Of all the places I have had the privilege of visiting, Bali has to be up there as one of my fave destinations. There is something so seductive about this island… the landscape is breathtaking, the architecture otherwolrdly, the people are genuine and absolutely gorgeous and the cuisine is as scrumptious as it is aesthetically pleasing. If there ever was an island that personified the divine feminine, Bali is it.. I mean honestly, even the men wear skirts. So, when I heard about an all girl journey to Bali that involved surfing, yoga and spa treatments there is no way I could not share it with you.


Surf Goddess Retreats are held in the chic village of Seminyak; a most sought after location on the West Coast of Bali surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Bali is considered surfing heaven and a dream destination for surfers of all levels due to its consistent surf all year round and relatively uncrowded breaks. The main beaches, Pantai Legian, Kuta and Seminyak, provide easy, fun waves on sand bottom beaches in which to learn while the surrounding areas offer extensive world class reef breaks more for the advanced surfer.


The Surf Goddess Sanctuary is a garden oasis, peaceful and serene, yet only moments from an expansive beach that runs on uninterrupted for miles, gourmet restaurants, boutique shops and a wide variety of decadent, yet very affordable, spas to add convenience and allow  guests to follow their bliss on wonderful adventures in addition to  daily retreat activities.

Every morning is begun with an hour and a half of Restorative Yoga class to ready the mind, body and spirit for a day surfing the waves, followed by a delicious and healthy brunch, a few hours of surfing instruction with your fellow Goddesses, some alone time for exploring and doing whatever you wish and then a fantastic Balinese gourmet buffet where you can unwind and relax before you drift off to a blissful sleep.


Surf Goddess Retreats offer many scheduling and price options and can be tailored to your instructional needs, regardless of your level of expertise. For more information on The Surf Goddess Retreat click here.

a girl, her board and a sarong…

What could be more heavenly !!


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