IN THE 1930′S, author Peter Kelder published “The Eye of Revelation”. The book told the story of a retired British Army Colonel who had spent years living with the lamas in Tibet. In addition to a healthy diet of organic foods, clean air and a stress free existence, they taught him five exercises, which they called “rites”. According to the booklet, the lamas describe seven spinning, “psychic vortexes” within the body: two of these vortexes are located in the brain, one at the base of the throat, one on the right side of the body in the vicinity of the liver, one in the reproductive anatomy, and one in each knee. As we grow older, the spin rate of the vortexes diminishes, resulting in “ill-health”. However, the spin rate of these vortexes can be restored by performing the Five Rites daily, resulting in improved health.


According to Kelder, Bradford’s stay in the lamasery transformed him from a stooped, old gentleman with a cane to a tall and straight young man in the prime of his life. Additionally, he reported that Bradford’s hair had grown back, without a trace of gray. The revised publications of The Eye of Revelation entitled Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth also contain numerous testimonials by practitioners of the Rites, claiming that they yield positive medical effects such as improved eyesight, memory, potency, hair growth, restoration of full color to completely gray hair, and anti-aging. However, claims as to the benefits of the Rites are often exaggerated, resulting in unrealistic expectations. The benefits most likely to be achieved are increased energy, stress reduction, and an enhanced sense of calm, clarity of thought, increased strength and flexibility, and an overall improvement in health and well-being.


Now, Aussie Carolinda Witt has streamlined the whole process of The 5 Tibetan Rites into her amazing instructional dvds entitled T5T. She debunks the myths that have accumulated over the years surrounding these ancient rites and gives you the real deal. Her students report a dramatic rise in energy levels. deeper more restful sleep, razor sharp focus, mental clarity and a stronger, firmer body..all this with just 10 minutes of practice a day !!

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