What’s white, odorless, unclogs drains, removes rust, works great as a toothpaste and shampoo, cleans clothes and just about anything else and can be found sitting neatly in it’s biodegradable packaging on just about any supermarket shelf from here to Kathmandu for about $1 a pound ? The one, the only and Grand Ma’s kitchen favorite.. Baking Soda !


Historians believe the use of baking soda dates back to ancient civilization. The Egyptians had many uses for Baking Soda.. mixed with water it would form a paste that could be used to clean everything from their homes and temples to their ebony tresses. A teaspoon in water could also be used to treat a urinary tract infection. In ancient Rome they would brush their teeth with it, use it as a calming foot bath. They also used it as an antacid after those  decadently bacchanal week long feasts.  In Northern Europe, they relied heavily on this multifaceted powder to bake their daily bread. And the people of South East Asia mixed it  with coconut oil to create the perfect natural deodorant.


I have been using this magic white powder for the last couple of months and have found that the possibilities are endless. I have cleaned every inch of my house, my teeth, my silverware, laundry, my hair, my dog and my newly purchased very rusted 1964 Vintage bicycle with it and let me tell you it really does the trick.  I have also poured it down a clogged drain and then chased it with white vinegar. Not only does the chemical reaction of these two natural ingredients recreate the dramatic eruption of Mt St Helen in your very own sink..it also works smashingily well !


So forget all the fancy cleaning products in the supermarket ( and in the health food store ). Drop $1.75 at your corner market and give Baking Soda a go.. it cleans better than anything, is cheap as it gets and you don’t need to tote those nasty plastic bottles home or out to your recycle bin..keep it Green !!

For a plethora of uses for Baking Soda..click here

Green is the new Clean !!

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