Welcome to  Goddess Gumbo !! The hip chicks guide to everything beauty and beyond !! This blog has been perculating in my mind for a couple of years now and after being the go to gal for all my girlfriend’s beauty dilemmas for many a moon I decided maybe it was time to share some of the wisdom with the rest of you Goddesses.

I have always been a skin care fanatic. I remember being 10 years old curled up on my grandmother’s bed reading a book called Natural Beauty. It was full of homemade beauty concoctions. I would go into the kitchen and pull out jars of mayonnaise and honey, eggs, lemon, rice flour, avocado and god knows what else and sit on the cold marble bathroom floor mixing up batch after batch of goop to put on my face.. I would turn off the lights and sit in the dark( my first furtive attempt at meditation ) waiting for the magic to happen.


I have always been very interested in the science of beauty and what that means to all of us as women. Yes, I do get a thrill when I open up a brand spankin’ new product and give myself a good slather, start ingesting the latest beauty potion ( Skin Eternal is the bomb ) or elixir and nothing makes me feel more beautiful than an hour of The Bar Method ( aka Physique 57 ), belly dance, Pilates or shakin’ my money maker with my hula hoop !!


I don’t care what anyone tells you…beauty IS skin deep…but it’s also more..and that my lovelies is what Goddess Gumbo is all about. Bringing together all the elements.. the physical, emotional, spiritual.. and streamlining it into the fiercest package in the universe !! Goddess Gumbo is a hodge podge of everything..a little bit of this..a little bit of that..all in one delicious dish !!


Not only will you get all kinds of glamorous goodies like fashion tips, skin and hair care routines and makeup 101..you’ll also learn to get in touch with your body, your libido, your mojo, your sense of self..you WILL look like a warrior princess.. but you will also BE a warrior princess..who can move through life with joy,  grace, courage, strength and beauty… and that’s what being a Goddess is all about..n’est pas ?


So Welcome to Goddess Gumbo !! Hit the G spot daily for your daily serving of beauty and more !!!

Goddess Gumbo  …always spicy   …always fresh

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