As winter winds down and spring is getting nearer by the second, the days of hiding behind that baggy sweater and dark denim are numbered. Every boutique window and magazine cover is flaunting oh so short minis and long sleeves are almost a thing of the past. Are you ready to make the leap ? If your thighs are screaming no !! and your arms are running for cover then let me fill you in on a little something that if done consistently in addition to a low carb diet will literally reshape your body in one month. It’s called The Bar Method and I worship at its alter at least 4 times weekly.


I discovered The Bar Method when I was spending alot of time in LA. I was driving everywhere and having a love affair with brownies and banana bread.. well, twenty pounds later, I had not one..but two asses.. as my gentleman friend was kind enough to point out.. and since I had to be in a bikini in 6 weeks, I made it my mission to find the quickest, most efficient way to resurrect my girlish figure. After a little research, I stumbled upon The Bar Method. It’s LA’s best kept secret and is responsible for the resculpting of many a celebrity figure..from Drew Barrymore and Tori Spelling to Eve, Ginnifer Goodwin. Alicia Silverstone, Kyra sedgwick and The Olsen twins.


I eschewed coffee, sugar, bread and pasta for juices, water, fruit, veggies and lots of fish and I started going to The Bar Method classes 4 days a week. After the first class, I was firmer..by the end of 3 weeks I could see a huge difference.. booty higher, stomach flatter, pants looser..and by the 2 month mark, you could bounce a quarter off of my posterior.


The Bar Method was developed by Burr Leonard, a disciple of fitness guru Lotte Berk. It is a mixture of isometric exercises that are comprised of tiny precise movements that fatigue the muscle enabling the body to spot reduce fast and build muscle even faster, pilates floor and loads and loads of stretching in between exercises so that the muscles you build are long and lean. Many of the exercises use a ballet bar..although a chair will do you just fine..light 3-5 lb weights and a strap for stretching. I have yet to meet the woman who did not love this workout.. it is amazing !!


There are Bar Method classes in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Chicago, Washington, New York and New Jersey. They also just released two smashing dvds that you can buy for $15 each from their website.


So run !! don’t walk ..yourself over to the The Bar Method !! Your arms will thank me, your booty will thank me and the cute little bikini with your name on it will thank me too.. lord knows, mine does !!!

stay beautiful !!!

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