A woman’s fingernails are not only a sign of health but in many cultures throughout time they haveĀ  actually established a woman’s place in society. Ancient Egyptians were very nail conscious, Cleopatra is know to have applied henna to tint her nails and archaeologists have found many solid gold manicure tools in Egyptian tombs.


During the 17th century the upper class in Chinese society used fingernails to demonstrate their wealth. Both men and women grew their nails to five inches long to show that they didn’t have to perform manual labor for their living. They wore elaborate gold or bamboo splints to prevent their nails from breaking.


And in our era, a woman’s choice of nail color, length and shape will pretty much give you the 411 on who she is.. is she racy in red, pretty in pink or the goth girl sportin’ ebony or neon green ?


But what if you’re one of the many ladies out there who’s nails won’t grow at all ? Never fear ! Hoof Alive is here ! Hoof Alive is an actual horse hoof dressing that will work like a charm. It has been used by happy horse owners for years to prevent peeling and splitting of their equine friends hooves..and what’s good enough for Mr Ed is definitely good enough for me !!


Hoof Alive contains 4 different kinds of healing oils, lecithin and vitamin e and when applied several times a day will harden the nails and soften the cuticles in a couple of months. It absorbs quickly and is never greasy and you can carry a tiny container in your bag so you can nourish those talons-to-be all the live long day !


You can purchase Hoof Alive at some health food stores or from your local equestrian supply center or better yet, go directly to the horse’s mouth and they will put you in touch with a dealer in your area. It costs about $7 smackaroos and will last about 6 months. Cleopatra will have nothin’ on you !!


Happy Beautifying !!

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