“Think of it as The Power of Positive Thinking as interpreted by Anais Nin.” — Alex Witchell, The New York Times

Women are natural born sensualists. We are graceful, intuitive, tactile beings.. we love all things soft against our skin… to be enveloped in fragrance.. to sit by the glow of candlelight… to experience a tender touch. These needs and desires are programed into every cell of our being and have been with us from the time we lived in caves sleeping on bear skins, baby at our breast, partner by our side.


There was a time up till 2500 bc where women ruled the world. It was all about the Goddess and honoring the female principle. Our cycles were in tune with the cycles of the moon, and the harvest. We were the land owners, high priestesses and wise women in every community. We lived for ourselves and not for the approval of the male species. We were in our power and were honored for it.


After the iron age and the spread of the male deity Yahweh this changed. The focus was on the masculine and the image of the powerful, all knowing woman was shattered. Women were placed in the back seat and the roles changed. We became mothers, cooks, housekeepers.. wantless and needless. Although women got some of their power back in the latter part of the 20th century, we have been conditioned to think we must live for others. That message is drilled into our brains through the media, the internet and through our ancestors. Get in shape, look fabulous, catch a man, he will provide and all will be well in the garden.


But what about our needs and desires ? what about pleasing ourselves ? Owning our own power ? Well, Mama Geena .. 21st century guru-ess to women everywhere will teach you how !

Mamma Geena (  Regena Thomashauer )  formed The School Of Womanly Arts in NYC. She leads women on a journey to reclaim their power, fulfill their desires and to rekindle the Pleasure Principle in all of us !


But in order to pursue pleasure, one must know pleasure. Believe it or not, most women can’t pinpoint what really makes them happy. After all, are women ever taught to celebrate their appetites, whether it’s for chocolate ice cream or a more entertaining sex life? In her School of Womanly Arts, Mama Gena transforms ordinary women into glowing Sister Goddesses—women fully in tune with the mystical, creative power of their sensuality—and teaches them how to use their creative power to build the life they want. She explains the lost art of giving in to desires (even if it’s just for a new lipstick), seeking fun and pleasure at home and at work, and navigating the world using feminine power instead of patriarchal rules.


This is pleasure boot camp and, be forewarned, the exercises are tough: Assignments include flirting for fun, flexing your intuition, buying yourself presents, bragging about your accomplishments, and much more. Sister Goddesses report magical results: they get job offers, fall in love, find new possibilities and discover new passions.

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A Goddess Is Born !

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