I have spent many years of my life trying to fight off the inevitable pull of gravity… carefully monitoring what I eat, doing The Bar method religiously to keep my ass from hitting the floor and my stomach as tight as a drum and an occasional visit to the endermologist’s table to keep that horrifying fold of skin from forming right above my knee ( for those who know what I am referring to, we all know how alarming that can be )..well now, there’s something else you can add to your little bag of tricks..something that will keep the skin on your face as firm as your bottom.. it’s the fabulous Flex Effect and in just 20 minutes a day you can literally take back years in just a few weeks !!

FlexEffect Facial Resistance Training is a complete Facialbuilding program involving all the voluntary muscles of the face and neck. Through Facial Resistance Training, the muscles increase in size creating a firm, smooth lift. The majority of facial exercises taught today, such as isometrics, stop short of actually increasing the size of the facial muscle. Isometrics do a great job of replacing tone, (a slight contraction found in all muscles) but render very little result. Only Facialbuilding is capable of increasing the size of facial muscle. No creams, no gloves, no nonsense.


When it comes to elastic fiber, subcutaneous fat, and facial bone, facial muscle literally calls the shots. Only when facial muscle begins to lose its proteins (protein fills the individual fibers of the muscle giving it size) will a domino effect take place… When facial muscle atrophies, you begin to lose elastic fiber because the demand for such an abundant amount of elasticity is no longer needed for the stretching of muscle and skin … the skin becomes slack. Once the elastic fiber begins to break down (fibers become rigid due to lack of use and photo damage) a loss of subcutaneous fat takes place simply because it is stored between the fibers of the elastin, collagen, and to some degree within the muscle itself. Just as important… the atrophying of muscle will also bring about the loss of bone… another reason for a flattening of the face as we age.

Bottom line:

The longer you keep facial muscles strong and highly elastic they will …

(1) continue to put stress on the bone, retarding bone loss.
(2) maintain the demand for supple healthy elastic fiber (elasticity)
(3) slow down the loss of subcutaneous fat and collagen.

Flex Effect was founded by Deborah Crowley in the late 70’s. A student of facial isometrics, Deb was also a professional body builder. When training for competition she began to notice weight loss in her face.Around the same time, Deb was experimenting with facial resistance training. When combined with the concept of isometrics it proved to be the winning combination. In just 2 weeks her facial muscles were 35% stronger and after 8 weeks a whopping 350% stronger. The proof is in the pudding.. check out these photos of Deb through the years… she gives any Beverly Hills plastic surgeon a run for their money.

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Age48 48



So say goodbye to Botox, Restylane and..god forbid..the knife.. and start flexing those facial muscles !!

For more info and to order Flex Effect click here

Stay Beautiful !!

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