What gets rid of cellulite, exfoliates the skin, cleanses the lymphatic system, improves the immune system and circulation, tightens the skin, tones the muscles, improves digestion all for a mere $9 bucks ? It’s not a pill, potion or diet.. it’s the amazing DRY BRUSH !!

Dry Brushing was recommended by the Finnish Dr., Paavo Airola for his patients 30 years ago and is still popular in European spas and many cancer treatment centers today. The Russians, Turks and Scandinavians have used this treatment for centuries. Dry brushing is promoted as a preventative for dry skin and a way to exfoliate the skin, thus stimulating skin renewal that is super soft to the touch.


Dry brushing is an excellent way to wake up and start the day. It rejuvenates, invigorates and supports one of the skin’s important functions, ridding the skin of accumulated toxins.

Brushing the skin helps unplug the pores, increase its ability to absorb nutrients, increase circulation to the skin cells resulting in a better metabolic cellular exchange and polish it as well. Healthy skin needs to ‘breathe’. Rid it regularly of dry skin cells and the body will react by producing new skin cells more rapidly. Your skin will immediately feel silkier and on the long term will look healthier, loosing that dry, pasty appearance.

Fat deposits are better distributed, the nervous system is rejuvenated, nerve endings are stimulated and dry brushing contributes to improved muscle tone. All this from dry brushing alone?

Yes! But there is a right way to dry brush your skin for optimal benefits.

How to Dry Brush :

Begin with your feet and brush vigorously in circular motions.

Continue brushing up your legs.

Proceed to your hands and arms.

Brush your entire back and abdomen area, shoulders and neck.

Use circular counter-clockwise strokes on the abdomen.

Lightly brush the breasts.

Brush upwards on the back and down from the neck. Better yet, have a friend, spouse or family member brush your back.

I do this everyday and find that if I forget or run out of moisturizer, I don’t even need it. My skin also takes on a rosy glow and a kind of translucent glimmer that you only see in kids. I also dry brush my face every morning and it gives me that just came from a nice long run look.


You can purchase a dry brush at any health food store. I prefer  one with a long handle so I can easily reach my back. I use a Yerba Prima and it rocks !

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