You can slather yourself with all the potions you like, get facials from here to kingdom come and wear Frownies 24/7 but without filling your tank with the right stuff that elusive thing called beauty will never really be all yours.


Beauty comes from the inside. It the glow coming off your skin, the shine in a healthy head of hair and eyes that are bright and clear. The people I have met in my life that have truly blown me away with these ever present qualities are those that live mostly on a raw plant and fruit based diet. Their systems are so clear and the flow of blood is so well supported through ever capillary of their being that they are simply the most beautiful radiant creatures on this planet. One only has to look at the likes of Demi Moore, Natalie Portman or Carol Alt to see the living proof.


Now you can get the Glow too !! Just trot down to your friendly neighborhood bookstore and pick up a copy of David Wolf’s EATING FOR BEAUTY. David Wolf is a famous raw foody who has single handedly brought the “super food” phenomenon into the mainstream and this book does not disappoint. You will learn which veggies remove dark circles, which fruits and nuts brighten your complexion, what supplements are beauty musts and more !!!


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