About 2 months ago I was brushing my teeth, daydreaming, glancing here there and everywhere..as one is wont to do when brushing the old knashers… when my eye caught my near empty tube of toothpaste.. it was going to end up in the trash soon..and then where ? washed up on a beach in the South Pacific ? stuck in the belly of some poor Pygmy Sperm Whale ? or just simple sitting in some landfill for thousands of years ? that was it !!

I guiltily tossed the tube and immediately replaced it with a dish of nature’s multi tasker… baking soda. Me and baking soda are pals..a match made in heaven..but there are just some days where I miss that minty fresh infusion in the morning..just when I thought all was lost I heard about the oh so fabulous Tooth Soap !!


While searching for natural dental protocols one day, entrepreneur Karen Van Cleefe stumbled upon research from Dr. Gerard F. Judd. She discovered that using soap (YES SOAP!) to brush was the first most important step in keeping healthy teeth and gums for life. Dr. Judd proved that your mother was right when she told you to wash your mouth out with soap!

With Dr. Judd’s info, some soap to brush and the zeal to put her whole family on Dr. Judd’s plan, Karen did just that and wrote about it in her second book, “The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth”. Self published and over 15,000 hard copies sold, thousands are now saving big $$$ in dental bills because of the simple 3 step plan provided in?”The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth”.

Customers love how clean their teeth and gum feel …


Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap® became available in October 2003 and sold out immediately after to going to market. Customers loved how clean their teeth and gums felt and many said they felt like they had just went to the dentist and got a cleaning!

With a registered trademark and a patent now pending, Tooth Soap® made with whole food ingredients lets nature do what nature intended, which is support the body so that it can build and repair as needed in a natural manner.

Tooth Soap comes in an array of delish flavors like: mint, chocolate mint, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, raspberry fudge, and fennel.. all sweetened with raw honey and delivered straight to you and earth friendly reusable glass jars. Forget those oh so passe plastic tubes..get on the horn and order yourself some Tooth Soap.

ps Perfect Prescription also has a whole line of natural dental care..from flosses, to rinses to whiteners…in loads of yummy flavors

Keepin it Green !!

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