What if a single wish could change your life? It can-if you know how to use it to harness the energy within and all around you that you never knew existed. This is the promise of Laura Day’s The Circle.

The Circle shows readers how one carefully crafted wish can serve as a match to ignite potent and lasting transformation in their lives. Each of the book’s three sections features exercises that lead readers to discover the hidden potential in themselves, in others, and in the surrounding universe. By the end of The Circle, readers will know how to use their own wishful thinking as a force for powerful change.

I have gone back to this book time and time again when I am in transformation mode and it always gives me a fabulous tool box to work with. This book is centered around moving energy not embracing dogma and is accessible to anyone from any walk of life.


Bestselling author Laura Day has spent three decades helping individuals, organizations, and companies use their innate intuitive abilities to create profound changes in their lives.

Her work has helped demystify intuition and demonstrate its practical, verifiable uses in the fields of business, science, medicine and personal growth. She has trained thousands of people to use their brains and perceptions in effective ways including scientists, celebrities, business executives, and other professionals to realize their goals while creating supportive and inspiring communities.

Laura has been featured in many publications including Newsweek, New York Magazine, The Independent, Bottom Line, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and People magazines. She speaks regularly both here and abroad, and has appeared on numerous shows including CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America, The View, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

A True Goddess of I ever met one !

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What’s white, odorless, unclogs drains, removes rust, works great as a toothpaste and shampoo, cleans clothes and just about anything else and can be found sitting neatly in it’s biodegradable packaging on just about any supermarket shelf from here to Kathmandu for about $1 a pound ? The one, the only and Grand Ma’s kitchen favorite.. Baking Soda !


Historians believe the use of baking soda dates back to ancient civilization. The Egyptians had many uses for Baking Soda.. mixed with water it would form a paste that could be used to clean everything from their homes and temples to their ebony tresses. A teaspoon in water could also be used to treat a urinary tract infection. In ancient Rome they would brush their teeth with it, use it as a calming foot bath. They also used it as an antacid after those  decadently bacchanal week long feasts.  In Northern Europe, they relied heavily on this multifaceted powder to bake their daily bread. And the people of South East Asia mixed it  with coconut oil to create the perfect natural deodorant.


I have been using this magic white powder for the last couple of months and have found that the possibilities are endless. I have cleaned every inch of my house, my teeth, my silverware, laundry, my hair, my dog and my newly purchased very rusted 1964 Vintage bicycle with it and let me tell you it really does the trick.  I have also poured it down a clogged drain and then chased it with white vinegar. Not only does the chemical reaction of these two natural ingredients recreate the dramatic eruption of Mt St Helen in your very own sink..it also works smashingily well !


So forget all the fancy cleaning products in the supermarket ( and in the health food store ). Drop $1.75 at your corner market and give Baking Soda a go.. it cleans better than anything, is cheap as it gets and you don’t need to tote those nasty plastic bottles home or out to your recycle bin..keep it Green !!

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Green is the new Clean !!



The first time I heard the gong played was at the tail end of a kundalini yoga class. We had just finished a very difficult set and we were laying on our backs letting our nervous systems recalibrate. My instructor, The Great Ravi Singh, began to play the gong.. from the moment he began to play it I felt the sound vibrations move through and ripple over my whole body. As I surrendered to the waves of sound I entered into a deep meditative state and I felt deliciously bouyant. This gong was some earth shattering stuff and from that moment on I was hooked. Throughout the years I have continued to seek out the gong and have been mesmerized by it’s power to transform and heal.


The existence of the gong dates back to the Bronze Age, around 3500BC. Evidence suggests that the gongs existed at this time in Mesopotamia. Myth has it that sacred gongs included pieces of meteorites that fell from the heavens. Since the time of Buddha in 600BC, all sacred Chinese gongs have been inscribed with the two Mandarin Chinese characters “Tai Loi”, which means “happiness has arrived”. The gong’s ancient use was as an initiation tool for enlightenment, etheric projection and exorcism of negative spirits. It has also been used by Tibetan monks, and the Chinese, for centuries as an aid to meditation.

To enable an understanding of how Sound Healing works, it is useful to realise that everything in creation is actually energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Modern physicists continue to find evidence to support this belief. For instance – dense, apparently inanimate objects like rocks, look like solid matter, but are in fact forms of energy vibrating at certain frequencies. At the other end of the spectrum, light vibrates at a very high frequency. Everything in the universe is vibrating energy. As energy forms, we as human beings are also vibrating energy. Within a certain range of frequencies, the human ear is able to perceive vibrations as what we call •sound•. Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body & mind of a person, with the intent of bringing them into a state of harmony & health. In general, the more harmonious & pleasing this sound is, the more beneficial it is to us for healing purposes. Different areas of the body respond to the sounds made, by locking in or •entraining• to the sound & beginning to vibrate at the same frequencies, thus bringing harmony & healing.


Some interesting studies have been done on water • exposing droplets of water to various different types of sound & music – both harmonious & discordant. The results are too lengthy to go into here, but it is interesting to note that water droplets subjected to heavy metal music produced a weak looking water crystal of irregular shape & structure, whereas droplets subjected to certain classical music, notably Mozart, produced a water crystal of great beauty & wonderfully complex structure. The human body is composed of 60% to 70% water, which makes it a good conductor of sound, so the conclusions which can be drawn from this are obvious.


As Kundalini yoga master, Yogi Bhajan, so eloquently states:

“The gong is very simple. It is an inter-vibratory system. It is the sound of Creativity itself. The gong is nothing more, nothing less. One who plays the gong plays the universe. The gong is not an ordinary thing to play. Out of it came all music, all sounds, and all words. The sound of the gong is the nucleus of the Word”.

To experience the healing sounds of gong meditation click on the video below:

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Have a blissful one !!



It seems like everyone is cutting back and trying to save a little do re mi these days. Ladies are congregating over potluck dinners instead of Mojitos and ceviche at the corner chi chi cafe… they’re working the $35 Clarins instead of the $125 Creme de La Mer… exercise DVDs are replacing the pricey gym and instead of lining up at your friendly neighborhood dermatologist or plastic surgeon for The Big B ( if you’ve worshiped at its alter like I have then I don’t need to drop names ) for $500 to $1200 a pop you may have discovered a brilliant, effective and totally dirt cheap alternative. May I present Frownies !!


Frownies were created in 1889 after Margaret Kroesen discovered that her daughter Alice, a concert pianist, had developed unsightly wrinkles and frown lines. With a desire to maintain her youthful beauty and stage presence, Mrs. Kroesen created Wrinkle Eradicators (as they were first called) by employing the basic principle of fitness to the muscles of the face. At the time, there was no thought of producing them for anyone else but herself and her daughter. But Alice, after using her mother’s amazing invention, was a living testimony, and it became clear that women and men everywhere could benefit from these Wrinkle Eradicators.


And so they did ! Frownies have been used by movie studios from the 1930’s on to train starlets to keep their brow muscles relaxed. They have also been used as movie makeup by Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard, Glen Close in Mars Attack and Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her. Today Frownies are used by celebrities as a natural alternative to Botox. Rashida Jones, Dayle Haddon and Renee Russo are long time users. Need I say more ?

I had seen Frownies on the shelf at Ricky’s for years now and only just broke down and bought myself  a box. Let me tell you, from the first night I used them I saw a difference. My face was smooth as a baby’s bottom when I awoke the next morning and after using them every night the smoothness stayed for a longer and longer period of time. You are actually retraining your muscles to relax. Another bonus is you actually sleep better.

So how much do these babies cost ? $19 smackeroos for a months supply .. you won’t break the piggy bank, you will look ten years younger over night and there are zero side effects.. how many things can you say that about ? To purchase frownies go to:


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Stay Beautiful !!



What happens when a 3000 year old codependent vampiress loses her 200 year old mate ? Well, she does what any other upstanding codependent would do … She recruits another paramour while her ailing lover’s body is still warm. Miriam is about to lose her lover of 200 years. After two centuries of feasting on the living John inexplicably begins to rapidly deteriorate. In searching for a cure for his illness Miriam meets Sara. A doctor who specializes in premature aging. She also happens to be just Miriam’s type.

Forget the fangs, garlic and holy water, this ultra chic and provocative vampire flick does away with all those cliches. They shop, sleep in beds and drink sherry out of fancy little glasses. Starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon, this movie is sexy, stylish and smart. It also features one of the most provocative girl love scenes ever to be captured on celluloid.

Bon Appetite !!

The Hunger (1983)
Starring: Catherine Deneuve, Davis Bowie, Susan Sarandon
Directed by Tony Scott

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Raw, unheated honey is one of the most powerful substances on this planet. Not only is it delicious and healthy for you, it is also one of the most powerful antibiotics known to man as well as offering a myriad of skin care uses.

The Romans and Egyptians would pack battle wounds with raw honey. Bacteria cannot grow or live in it so it is a powerful healing balm. It can be used on pimples to suck out bacteria, to heal burns literally over night. It can be used in conjunction with olive oil as an excellent skin food.


The list of the ailments honey can help is a long one. To start with, honey can help one absorb calcium in their body, it can help fight colds, can work as a gentle laxative, and can provide instant energy without the insulin surge caused by white sugar. In its raw state honey can help with allergies and hay fever. People with insomnia may get some sleep by taking two teaspoons of honey right before bedtime.


Look for honey in store-bought beauty products or try whipping up some simple beauty recipes yourself.
Historical Honey Beauty Secrets

* Madame du Barry, the infamous last mistress of Louis XV, used honey as a form of facial mask, lying down for a rest while the honey did its work.
* Cleopatra of Egypt regularly took honey and milk baths to maintain her youthful appearance.
* It was said that Queen Anne of England used a honey and oil concoction to keep her long hair lustrous, thick and shiny.
* It was claimed that another famous Englishwoman, Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, used her own secret recipe for a honey water to keep her hair beautiful.


One honey product I absolutely love is Bee Yummy. It goes on like silk and my skin literally drinks it in and becomes deliciously soft. I have also used it on cooking burns and it has healed my skin literally over night !

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Stay Beautiful..



IN THE 1930′S, author Peter Kelder published “The Eye of Revelation”. The book told the story of a retired British Army Colonel who had spent years living with the lamas in Tibet. In addition to a healthy diet of organic foods, clean air and a stress free existence, they taught him five exercises, which they called “rites”. According to the booklet, the lamas describe seven spinning, “psychic vortexes” within the body: two of these vortexes are located in the brain, one at the base of the throat, one on the right side of the body in the vicinity of the liver, one in the reproductive anatomy, and one in each knee. As we grow older, the spin rate of the vortexes diminishes, resulting in “ill-health”. However, the spin rate of these vortexes can be restored by performing the Five Rites daily, resulting in improved health.


According to Kelder, Bradford’s stay in the lamasery transformed him from a stooped, old gentleman with a cane to a tall and straight young man in the prime of his life. Additionally, he reported that Bradford’s hair had grown back, without a trace of gray. The revised publications of The Eye of Revelation entitled Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth also contain numerous testimonials by practitioners of the Rites, claiming that they yield positive medical effects such as improved eyesight, memory, potency, hair growth, restoration of full color to completely gray hair, and anti-aging. However, claims as to the benefits of the Rites are often exaggerated, resulting in unrealistic expectations. The benefits most likely to be achieved are increased energy, stress reduction, and an enhanced sense of calm, clarity of thought, increased strength and flexibility, and an overall improvement in health and well-being.


Now, Aussie Carolinda Witt has streamlined the whole process of The 5 Tibetan Rites into her amazing instructional dvds entitled T5T. She debunks the myths that have accumulated over the years surrounding these ancient rites and gives you the real deal. Her students report a dramatic rise in energy levels. deeper more restful sleep, razor sharp focus, mental clarity and a stronger, firmer body..all this with just 10 minutes of practice a day !!

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Move over Benjamin Button !!!



New York City circa 1977. Raw, wild, dirty and oh so chic.. where anything goes and anything can be had. Nowhere is this more true than in the decadent world of the fashion industry. This is the backdrop for The Eyes Of Laura Mars.

Laura Mars is a top fashion photographer. But her images are more than just your average pretty picture. They are filled with sex and death and when her models begin turning up murdered in the most unsavory of ways, it becomes apparent that this is more than a case of life imitating art.


Starring Faye Dunaway, Tommy Lee Jones, directed by Irven Kirshner and produced by Jon Peters (the hair dresser that Barbara Streisand flipped her wig over) this film was rumored to have had just as much drama off screen as on.


With a fierce as all get out Studio 54 soundtrack, fabulicious couture by Halston and Valentino and photographs by the master himself, Helmut Newton, I’d be willing to forgive the film makers anything.

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Of all the places I have had the privilege of visiting, Bali has to be up there as one of my fave destinations. There is something so seductive about this island… the landscape is breathtaking, the architecture otherwolrdly, the people are genuine and absolutely gorgeous and the cuisine is as scrumptious as it is aesthetically pleasing. If there ever was an island that personified the divine feminine, Bali is it.. I mean honestly, even the men wear skirts. So, when I heard about an all girl journey to Bali that involved surfing, yoga and spa treatments there is no way I could not share it with you.


Surf Goddess Retreats are held in the chic village of Seminyak; a most sought after location on the West Coast of Bali surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Bali is considered surfing heaven and a dream destination for surfers of all levels due to its consistent surf all year round and relatively uncrowded breaks. The main beaches, Pantai Legian, Kuta and Seminyak, provide easy, fun waves on sand bottom beaches in which to learn while the surrounding areas offer extensive world class reef breaks more for the advanced surfer.


The Surf Goddess Sanctuary is a garden oasis, peaceful and serene, yet only moments from an expansive beach that runs on uninterrupted for miles, gourmet restaurants, boutique shops and a wide variety of decadent, yet very affordable, spas to add convenience and allow  guests to follow their bliss on wonderful adventures in addition to  daily retreat activities.

Every morning is begun with an hour and a half of Restorative Yoga class to ready the mind, body and spirit for a day surfing the waves, followed by a delicious and healthy brunch, a few hours of surfing instruction with your fellow Goddesses, some alone time for exploring and doing whatever you wish and then a fantastic Balinese gourmet buffet where you can unwind and relax before you drift off to a blissful sleep.


Surf Goddess Retreats offer many scheduling and price options and can be tailored to your instructional needs, regardless of your level of expertise. For more information on The Surf Goddess Retreat click here.

a girl, her board and a sarong…

What could be more heavenly !!



Spring has sprung. The bees are a buzzing,  the buds are a blooming and  every species on the planet is waking up from a long winter’s slumber and thinking about making whoopee.  Well what better way to exercise that mojo then with the Kama Sutra Workout

artist_1532 Created by Hemalaayah Behl.. yoga and dance Goddess with an entire arsenal of dvds to suit every type of woman.. this dvd will show you how to  love every inch of your glorious body! The Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text, promotes the cultivation of sensuality as a sacred duty. The need to cultivate and reconnect with our sensual selves — the goddess at the core of every woman — remains as strong as ever, but the din and rush of modern life make the opportunities all too rare. Through playful movements and heart-centered meditation, yogini and Indian Dance expert Hemalayaa takes you on a journey of discovery. Find the freedom and fullness of expression that come from embracing yourself and your body. Join Hemalayaa in a dance of love and laughter that instills confidence, joy, and poise. The steps are sassy, suggestive, coquettish, and enormously fun. Gesture by gesture, swish by swish, you will remember that you are — and have always been — a divine dancer.


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now that’s one HOT Goddess !!